Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Douglas Murray attacks the 'Inspired by Mohammed' campaign'.

Douglas Murray - At it again.

Only a few days after the launch of the "Inspired By Muhammed Campaign" Our good old friend Douglas Murray has already begun his onslaught- via his article published in the Telegraph “Mohammed believed in women's rights, Oh, really?"

The campaign portrays many positive messages about the rights of women which were inspired by the Prophet Muhammad. Murray cannot help but try to sully this positive message by making reference to Aisha's marriage to Muhammed (pbuh). Well he'll have to try a lot harder than that, that's for sure. One wonders why Murray remains so blinded by his own pointless rhetoric, that he cannot even begin to appreciate the fact that Muhammed (pubh) spoke out for women’s rights. This is clear by virtue of the fact that he vehemently attacked an established tradition of burying female infants alive. The Prophet also condemned and reformed many other traditions emanating from pre-Islamic Arab society, in their mistreatment of women.

The centre for Social Cohesion which studies radicalisation and extremism in Britain would surely encourage such a campaign. Does Murray not want more Muslims to engage in portraying a positive message of Islam? Clearly not. His intentions? Well it becomes apparent that Murray just does not like Islam and cannot stand positive representations of Islam in any shape or form. Is Douglas Murray inspired by a hatred of Islam ?


B.M.Piotrowski said...

Dear Douglas Murray

I am an ex-unitarian Christian, convert to Islam.
I researched Christian and Muslim scholarship, all of this just literally threw me into Islam..peacefully of course.

Douglas, come on, I am shocked at your unprofessionalism for starters. This is the sort of rant I expect to read on 'the student room' with 12-18 year olds who know nothing about Islam, they just see what's available in the 'bank of hatred' and throw it at everybody and call it Islam lol

Doug, I started the same way you did. Hating on Islam. I then noticed...Hang on a second. If I'm like this with Islam, just imagine if I transferred this approach to Islam, towards my education, I'd no longer be that A grade student...I'd be a E/U grade student!

The story of Asma bint Marwan - This issue is dealt well by MDI researcher Ehtesaam Gulam of
Here's what he has to say on this issue:

1.) The alleged assination of Asma: The first story that critics of Islam spread around is the assination of Asma of the tribe of Aus. She is said to have been a poetess who made fun of Prophet Muhammad saying that he killed many of their chiefs (not true). When Prophet Muhamamd heard this he allegedly asked a Muslim named Umair to kil her. He brutally murdered her and Prophet Muhammad praised him for this deed. The story of the killing of Asma' bint Marwan is mentioned by Ibn Sa'd in Kitab At-Tabaqat Al-Kabir[10] and by the author of Kinz-ul-'Ummal under number 44131 who attributes it to Ibn Sa'd, Ibn 'Adiyy and Ibn 'Asaker. What is interesting is that Ibn 'Adiyy mentions it in his book Al-Kamel on the authority of Ja'far Ibn Ahmad Ibn Muhammad Ibn As-Sabah on authority of Muhammad Ibn Ibrahim Ash-Shami on authority of Muhammad Ibn Al-Hajjaj Al-Lakhmi on authority of Mujalid on authority of Ash-Shu'abi on authority of Ibn 'Abbas, and added that

...this isnâd (chain of reporters) is not narrated on authority of Mujalid but by Muhammad Ibn Al-Hajjaj and they all (other reporters in the chain) accuse Muhammad Ibn Al-Hajjaj of forging it.[13]

It is also reported by Ibn al-Gawzi in Al-'Ilal[14] and is listed among other flawed reports.

So according to its isnâd (chain of transmitters), the report is forged - because one of its reporters is notorious for fabricating hadîth. Hence, such this story is rejected and 100% false. Moreover this story is never found in the hadith, Bukhari, Muslim, etc"

B.M.Piotrowski said...

Part 2:

Now, condemning the marriage of Muhammad pbuh with Aisha is a dumb argument that will only affect the people 1. who fail to understand cultures and history 2. people in the a. west b. with a very low IQ, with their minds coveted with a pinch of arrogance.

Remember Doug, his first wife Khadijah was said to be 40 years old, whilst he was 25.
Another wife of his was called Sauda, she was much older than the prophet PBUH (peace be upon him) too.

More on Sauda:
'There was great surprise in Mecca that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) would choose to marry a widow who was neither young nor beautiful. (Ibn Kathir, Wives of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW)'

Sahih Bukhari
Volume 2, Book 26, Number 740:
Narrated 'Aisha :
Sauda asked the permission of the Prophet to leave earlier at the night of Jam', and she was a fat and very slow woman. The Prophet gave her permission.

So, to Atheists and Christians:
If society in say, 250 years time for example made a move back to marriages involving your daughter who had just hit puberty, and a grown man, (if this was the norm within the western society), if you were to live in that time, you would most likely get married to someone young too if you're a guy. History outnumbers you if you're against Aisha and Muhammad pbuh.
In this western society, sure, I have been brought up to think that child marriages are soo not for me, but this doesn't mean they're wrong for communities who have nurtured themselves around this principle.

Remember, the prophet pbuh told EVERYONE to MARRY YOUNG. So in an Islamic world, a man and woman marrying during puberty would be prevalent.

Remember, Aisha was the greatest female scholar of Islam and was crazily in love with Muhammad pbuh

As for the 'extremism' issue, you should really know better since you are in that professional position.

Look at this debate between a Christian and a Muslim Debate Initiative debater:

These two comments are for people who have been getting the wrong impression from Douglas, it's not for Douglas himself although the first comment seemed so...also, he should be educated about these issues that he brought up.

nicolanasrin said...

Can i just begin to say to you Murray geezer .. my gran tought me a wonderful quote teaching a deep meaning it went " Evil thinkers, Evil doers!! Our Beloved Prophet brought about respect and equality to women. In the case of Hazrat Aisha,(pbuh) our blessed Prophet Promised her father his closest friend, that if anything was to happen to him He (saw) would take care of his friends daughter aisha.. yes she was young when He (saw) married her but this was to safeguard her being looked after by all muslims and to be treated with love and respect and dignity (being a wife of the Prophet) should anything of happened to him (saw) He did not consumate the marriage until she was of childbearing age, nor against her will. I do not for 1 second expect you to understand for your limited to the fowl dirty disgusting thoughts that your mind is deseased with.That is why you are far from being a Muslim and being clean of heart and mind!! You are naught but a vile creature who cannot see clearly for you are blinded by the filth of your own mind!! I will pray you rid yourself of your disease of the heart mind and soul..

Dr Hamid Sain said...

just wonder whether douglas murray is happy with the britishn government banning dr zakir naik from coming to the uk?

uzza said...

Is there any basis for saying that burying female infants alive was an established tradition, other than Quran 81:8 and 16:59?

Anonymous said...


It's a historical fact that female infanticide was prevalent in the Arabian peninsula, although more common in certain tribes.

It is also noteworthy to mention, Islam is not just derived from the Holy Qur`an -- we derive much of our understanding from the early community of Muslims, as well as Hadith literature.