Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Does Allah order Female Genital Mutilation ?

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nicolanasrin said...

Asalaam Walaikum i pray that you are in good health and High Spirit InshALLAH. i have just read you blog about (fgm) i have watched a documentary on this and it was done in the middle east, it was performed when the girl reached puberty so she was fully aware of what was about to happen to her... the whole thing was a devastating experience for her, and she screamed from start to finish, she seemed neither pleased nor willing to have it done which was an act of mutilation and had she had a say in it im sure she'd of been out of there like a bullet from a gun .. however for a woman to have the tip clipped (circumcised) that is medically proven for both men and women to reduce the risk of cancer of the delicate parts. my personal opinion on the subject (for women) if it aint broke dont fix it ..

Anonymous said...

A word of caution is:we cannot say female circumcison is Haram if is is estabished that Rasool sall Allaahu 'alaihi wasallam allowed vountary female circumcisionm to a woman.


Anonymous said...

It makes me so mad to see anyone
still using the term
"female circumcision" ! Even "trimming" the tip of the clitoris is FGM, as the clitoris is an organ without any loose skin covering it, and every part of the clitoris is highly sensitive with many many nerve endings.
Unlike the foreskin of the penis,
which is not an essential part of the penis, and is merely a protective covering.
The equivalent operation for a male would be to cut off the tip of his penis! How about that guys?
Fancy it?

The only part of a woman's genitalia that might equate to the male foreskin, are the outer labial lips, which are there to protect from friction etc. I can see no justification in trimming off the labia. Certainly it would not be helpful hygienically, quite the opposite, nor can I imagine it would make a woman more chaste (!). As for appearance, I think it would look very ugly.

Incidentally, I do not approve of circumcision for males, (though my husband is circumcised) but reports show that far too many men do not realise the necessity of washing under the foreskin thoroughly twice a day, and that is why women are at such risk of getting cervical cancer if
married to uncircumcised men .

Karar said...

The woman who was about to perform circumcision on her daughter in the era of the prophet was already determined to do so, the prophet didn't stop it neither permitted the act, he only offered an advise. Some practices and rituals were not eradicated completely but were slowely removed. An example of that is slavery. Peace and blessings be upon you.