Wednesday, 2 September 2009

A call to Muslim apologetics.

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Malik said...

well said brother adam. With regard to christians i would say they have rationalised their theology with rational_lies. Ofcourse as Le Comte stated you can be rationally irrational sometimes.

You are doing a great job. Keep it up. May Allah swt reward you for your effort.

Anonymous said...

Assalam walakum,

This blog is a very nice blog, I have found it very beneficial to know more about Islam. Thanks for sharing the information.

Zeital said...

Some great insight.

The Evangelical organisations are great at debating and like to debate and argue. The Protestant Christian Missionaries were very busy trying to convert indigenous Muslims and Hindus in the Indian Subcontinent during the 1800’s. There were serious concerns about the aggressive proselytizing by missionaries and educators from Europe spreading doubt amongst Muslims and their core beliefs. This was countered by tireless work of Rahmatullah Kairanvi who took pains to understand the Bible and furthermore ideas/plots of missionaries. Ahmed Deedat as a young man saw and heard many tirades levelled against Islam by the Europeans and was eventually spurred to challenge them, with help from referring to Izhar-ul-Haq. As the Christian missionaries were intellectually defeated in India by pioneering efforts of Rahmatullah Kairnavi, (and only limited numbers of Hindustani of Hindu or Muslim backgrounds converted), a more confident Ahmed Deedat (upon researching the texts extensively) would take the challenge directly to Evangelical Christians during the 1970’s and 1980’s.

The Christian missionaries, being very skilled, confident in debating societies, and studious of other cultures and societies (with an innate conviction in the superiority of their belief), are adept at tackling other viewpoints. In a tumultuous period Capitalism or Socialist ideologies, resurgent nationalism/tribalism, festering patriotism, and vying religions compete for the loyalties of Human Beings everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Assalam alaykum Adam Deen..

Mashalla ive had a quick look at your blog and some of your videos and i am greatly impressed. Ive known of you for over a decade but not kept in touch with you much. Saying that ive always remmembered you as a dynamic daii!
Nadeem, Crawley.

Mohamed said...

Masha'Allah Brother Adam,

You are one of the few courageous intellectuals standing up for the whole of the religion and Allah 'Azza wa Jall will reward you for your efforts. May He continue to bless your work and increase you in knowldege and success, in this life and the next.

Unknown said...


I quite agree with you, we do need more Muslim Apologetics, and even more, better individual representation of Islam. Its rather ironic that as passionate as we are of our belief, we often fail to express and represent it truely, rightly and even justly, when and where need be.

Indeed! We have the head but fail to use the cap.

We do need interllectuals especially those whose ethos addresses, in an appropraite mode and manner, with the needs of the constant changing time.

'Peace and Salam'

Anonymous said...

Al-salamou alaikoum,
What exactly should be studied....??? Islamic theology? where can it be studied..... In my hometown we only have Christian theology..... Can u give some advice on what to study exactly... and where.... Thx