Thursday, 22 January 2009

“How Accurate would it be to say that the Qur’ān and Law are Intimately connected?” Classical vs. Modernist

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Hamza Andreas Tzortzis said...

Adam, this is a very good concise discussion. MashAllah.
Hamza Tzortzis

Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaikum brother,

I think there are two fazlur rahman. I have a book called The Quranic structure and foundation of society written by a fazlur rahman. I found the english too difficult for me. So I gave up reading. Are you referring to this fazlur rahman?


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the answer is in the final footnote (as always!!)

"Those were the (prophets) who received God's guidance: ... (Quran, 6:90)"

Guidance is flexible for all times and all nations. If you believe in God you must assume that he gave us brains for some reason, rather than just to "submit" in blind obedience to inappropriate imagined precedents that would never change, whether in the quran or hadeeth - or primitive tribal traditions now labelled "islamic".

What moral principles were specified in the quran? It is these that matter.

In fact, nothing more than the Golden Rule is needed. Tom

Der Fragende said...

Brother, may Allah help you and protect you.

If religion was blind following, I would be the first one, who would immediately leave this religion.
If you measure all posibilities, in the end, you will come to god.
So, why not "blind following"?
Is a short life on earth more worth, than living in an eternal, wonderful paradise?
It's easy to label religion as a sect or something like that, when you look in one, biased angle.

Anonymous said...

I found your article very clear and I had studied this topic before. The evidences that we should live by Allah´s commands are so many, yet the hypocrites are not capable of bringing any! Allah is our creator, who better than Him to know what is wrong and right for us! He made us, He knows whats in side us. He is all wise and all knowing, He can see the future, we dont. And for those who claim that Allah gave us the intelect...yes He did and is testing us with the way we use it. Allah gave us free will, so we can choose to obey him rather than disobey Him. Everyone is free to sin, but only those who submit will enter paradaise inshaAllah.

And there are many other attributes of Allah that can explain in deeper detail Allah´s rights over us, like The Sovereign...if people would understand this attribute, they wouldnt be following their whims and making of their selves sovereigns as well! Allah doesnt share His authority! subhanallah these people dont understand the deen. Whoever reads well the Quran knows that u can not accept parts of reject others, cause if we do so then we are out of the fold of islam...if they only knew

(Surah Tawba 9:24)

“…and Allah guides not the rebellious”

(al-Maidah, 5:44 - 47)

“ . . . And whoever fails to govern (judge, organise etc.) on the basis of that which Allah revealed has committed Kufr (disbelief).”

“ . . . And whoever fails to govern on the basis of that which Allah revealed has committed Dhulm (injustice and oppression).”

“. . . And whoever fails to govern on the basis of that which Allah has revealed, has committed Fisq (enormous sin).”

" Do You Not See Those Who Claim That They Believe in What Was Revealed to You and to Those Before You? They Wish to Resort to At-Taaghoot for Judgement..." (Qur'an 4:60)

"And if you obey most of those in the earth, they will lead you astray from Allah's way; they follow but conjecture and they only lie. " The cattle 116

" Let those who oppose his [the Messenger's] commandment beware, lest some fitnah befall them or a painful torment be inflicted on them" (Qur'an 24:63)

“One who obeys Allah and His Messenger will certainly achieve a great success. (33:71)”

Addu said...

very good post! Enlightening