Thursday, 10 June 2010

Bite size thoughts - Forgetfulness

Time to time, for a fleeting moment my mind escapes the shackles of this world and the haunting of death grabs me.

It is not death that causes me pain and anxiety. Rather, that I forgot that one day it will come.


Anonymous said...

Death... Death does not scare me,
What makes me tremble with fear, and fills me with pain and anxiety
It’s what waits for me in the next life of eternity.

Have I really done enough?
Have I fulfilled my purpose of life?

Was I good and obedient slave?
Or will my punishment start in my grave?

O Possessor of Majesty and Honor! When You send the angel of death to get me,
I pray that You grant me one last request and plea,

When I meet him, and fear jams in my throat over my pending death.
And with each passing second it becomes harder and harder to take a breath.

And the echo of his uncompromising words still resounding in my ears,
While the utter sadness of time spent in forgetfulness wetting my face with tears.
I pray that You let my last ninety-nine breath be the ones I use to praise and Glorify You.

Anonymous said...

Death is the token of a beautiful lie for those who believe they have life when they actually haven't.

Life is a token of someone in truth.

The irony is, some who are destined death appreciate the beautiful lie more than the person of truth appreciates truth.

This is torment. Death is sad for me as it is meant for the deluded. They deluded themselves for reasons that sound logical for them. Some people have great reasons to stay deluded, but the anchor who determines truth from falsehood has made it difficult, some say the level of difficulty is Unjust.
This is why I hurt for those who die.

In order to reconcile beauty and truth, if I were God, I would give life to those with a very well thought out rationale in regards to deducing who God is, irrespective of their differences in views. I understand why God has opposed this idea, different views expressed in practice cause a broken least everyone would have Life though and never die this way. A chaotic society is better than death, but a chaotic society is ungodly as a whole, but godly to the individual, which is what matters in the end, but you prefer a Godly society in a world which will die, than the system I have suggested, that keeps all alive, understandably so, painfully accepted.

God, I pray that I don't see You as cruel. I just want You, God. Shall I be condemned if I took the evidence that deduces who 'You' are, from the wrong source?
For there are two evidences for both concepts I have in my mind that requires a theological, not naturalistic, explanation.
How do I know that the source I base my salvation on is not of the devil? Can you help me, my God, before I submit to someone other than You? Is there really Mercy? For I will rely on your Mercy and your Guidance, but will You give Me life in return, or blame me for wronging myself? I fear to make that conclusion, that 'jump' that deduces who I believe you are, because I don't want my consequence to be Death and You telling me that I have wronged myself.

It's your system of life, but Will you really have more Mercy than a human being does when they create and own their own rule book, in this very context that my heart is mentioning now?

Even though coupling evidence with the 'submission to God' principle totally deduces You, to my view. What if I am wrong? I will always fear deep down that I could be wrong, can You please just judge me on my rationale in that case?

From the non-Christian, Non-Muslim truthseeker who does not know his fate, does not know if he will walk into a beautiful lie - the ultimate delusion, or into truth, the truth that many abuse whilst the deluded celebrate what they believe to be their success, but it is none but a loss; the most painful reality! I cry.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #2 you brought a to my eye.
I hope you find your way to the truth. By acknowledging that there is a God and not associating Him with no one and nothing else makes you already half way there.
If you are sincere in your search of the truth, humble yourself and open your heart and supplicate to Him to show you the truth from the lies. And He will guide your heart and you will find peace.
And to help you clear the fog in your mind just remember this; the truth should be flawless, and should be beyond any doubt and finally it should bring peace and tranquility to your heart.

From a fellow sister in humanity.