Tuesday, 19 October 2010

My next debate: Does science really lead to atheism? Deen vs. Atkins

Watch the trailer here.


Anonymous said...

i love you Adam Deen. Greatly appreciate your work for standin up to those Atheists!!!

Can't wait to see you 1v1 this old man. Don't give him a heart attack though!

May Allah bless you..

Abu Maryam said...

I have heard Peter Atkins et al make claims for 'science' being the be all and end all of 'knowledge'. They think it is the pinnacle of knowledge but they are deluded. A lover gets deluded with his beloved!

My rebuttal is here.

Why Atheism fails and Atheists are blinded

The problem with the Atheist and Atheism is that they seem to be brainwashed into accepting that SCIENCE as a 'methodology' or 'branch of knowledge' is the only avenue to arrive at a sound conclusion, or 'truth'.

Can science prove William Shakespeare existed? Or closer to home, Charles Darwin, the father of evolution, whose theory Atheists have whole-heartedly adopted as an article of faith, by which they claim to proof that a God, or Designer, does not exist? Scientific methodology (empiricism) cannot answer this, as it lies outside its scope and boundaries! The methodology of 'knowing' these people, who you do not see, cannot see, and never will see, can only be through the branch of knowledge called HISTORY. You will apply certain processes and principles, to arrive at a conclusion ,to determine whether they existed or not.

Similarly, ask somebody to proof do NUMBERS exist. Get them to use scientific empiricism as the sole methodology; you will give them mental shock waves. You do not see numbers, nor feel numbers, nor hear numbers, nor taste numbers nor smell them (they cannot be detected by our senses)! Numbers simply exist in our minds as abstract non-physical entities and literally nonsensical (i.e. senses cannot detect them, only understood in the mind) The branch of knowledge that can answer this, is called MATHEMATICS.

To cut this long story short, I bring to you two other branches of knowledge: PHILOSOPHY and THEOLOGY, The former can proof that there is a 'Creator', the latter can dig deeper and actually pinpoint and label WHO/WHAT the creator is, God!

Atheists have committed so many grave errors. If I were to use computing analogies, they would be: "input/output error"; "GIGO (garbage in garbage out"; "syntax error"; "out of context error"; or my personal favourite...."Fatal Error. An Error Has Been Encountered That Has Prevented Setup from Continuing" see http://support.microsoft.com/kb/315332 : )

Can you use analogies from your discipline, field of work, or branch of knowledge, to expose how the Atheists are committing grave errors? : )