Sunday, 31 October 2010

BBC's Sunday morning Live - Is there life after death?

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Abu Maryam said...

Mashallah brother Adam excellent reply and analogy of Bank and Religion. What happened to the rest of the video and what was the conclusion?

Banks have money - you can get it either legitimately (yes it is very hard: ) or criminally by robbing and killing people. Do we blame the banks for the actions of criminals and say banks are dangerous institutions because they have money??

Religion similarly has desirable things called rewards (i.e. ultimately Paradise) - you can get it legitimately or TRY to get it criminally (which is absurd!). Do we blame the religion for the actions of criminals and say religion is a dangerous institution because they offer rewards or give hope of an afterlife?

Such simplistic conclusions as, "religion causes war" whereby the proponents base it on actions and utterances of individuals or groups of a certain religion - is absurd and laughable.

It's like saying schools are bad because some students are unruly, disrespectful and rebellious - oh come on - where did our brain cells go when making such deranged conclusions!

Re-cycled and regurgitated rhetoric to bash religion keeps popping up like a long lost computer virus or popup screen. We really need to move on!!

Think about it, truly, ANY difference of opinion on any matter leads to x,y, z responses and maybe eventually 'a war'. Humans have disagreements everyday - in the family unit, at work, at societal and international level. How one deals with it and in reference to whatever ideology/religion as a fulcrum needs to be looked at.
What does the religion/ideology say and how did so-and-so twist, abuse or genuinely got it wrong needs to be looked at.
Look at MPs expenses scandal, the daylight robbery and shame of human history!!

Islam is the answer - "take yourself to account before you are taken to account" is the one such succinct motto!