Thursday, 1 April 2010

You will never get to me - A poem by Adam Deen

Woo me, tease me,

Government Grants, Loans, and bombing drones all the same Home secretary,

Dangle what you want in front of me, I know what you want from me, Compromise justice and my integrity,

House-Muslim amuse and be abused,

I will never forget what you have done to my countrymen and family.

You will never tempt me.

Hate me,

Kick me,

Label me,

Snigger and stare at me, laugh as much as you want,

Mock my modesty,

Tear may hijab from me,

Stab me 18 times mercilessly in front of a judge and jury,

My baby still cries for me,

You can never get to me,

Arrest me,

Allegation, vicitmisation , 28 days of pure humiliation,

All over the nation’s Muslim hating media industry, too much anti Muslim telegraphy,

Tom and Jerry my prophet's personality,

Feeding Muslim hate frenzy,

Hiding behind free speech and artistry,

All because they want to bend me.

Radicalisation slowly.

If Malcolm was still living , he would be intensifying words to the masses profusely,

All because they want to liberate me.

Support us, honor us, befriend us then turn-on us,

Bleed us,

Bomb us,

Kill us,

Blair face lying, people dying.

Steal, sanction and starve us,

US Terrorisation and mutilation,

Bush misery pain still all the same even with Obama presidency fame,

All because they want to liberate us.

Ha ha, you still can never break us,

Chain me,

Shock me,

Pork feed me,

Defecate on God’s inimitability,

Rape me in front of my family,

Take a photo and ask me to smile shamefully,

Coward unchain me!

Keep trying, you will never break me.

Take your freedom and liberation, save it for your hypnotized folk in your own country,

US Neo con, BNP and Israeli F16 bomb,

I know you hate it when I say,

Justice and Mohammed’s way for humanity,

I told you, cant you hear

Takbir loud and clear.

Bones brake, flesh tears 'Apology', the soul has impenetrability,

You will never get to me!

Copyright of Adam Deen


Rasheedah said...

Potent, explosive rhythmic lyrics enveloping the spirit of so many Muslims of today back to the earliest Muslims brother. Well done, Bravo and encore!!!

Taha Alloush said...

May Allah bless are such a great person, and your writtings are so deep...I enjoyed reading ur poem and feeling the amazing touching words and emotions...

nicola nasrin said...

Their shaytanic screams, try to drown out our voices of Truth...
wether in the Boom of a Bomb, or the Shouts of deciet from the voices at the top...!!
Truth has a voice all of it's own and wether it's whispered or revealed in the call of the Aazaan, it will drown the Drummed up lies, for Truth is GOD speaking,spreading HIS Light, and Allways shall it Triumph... wether Whispered, or Revealed in the Call of the Aazaan,Truth will Allways be heard with the Ears of Belief!! and NONE shall silence it!! not even with the near defeaning Boom's of the Exploding Bomb's!!... So say it LOUD, say it PROUD...ALLAHU AKBAR...AMEEN.. nicola nasrin..

Adam Deen said...

Mashallah :-)

Anonymous said...

Allahu akbar, Jzk

Unknown said...

Great poem, echoes the verses of a great poet from my country who said almost 70 years ago
"O eagle don't be afraid of the opposite wind
It blows to make you fly even higher" by Iqbal.

Let them do what they want to do, they can't and they will never beat Allah's Deen, so brothers and sisters in Islam be proud of your deen and all this opposition should make your beliefe more firm.

Abu Zaynab said...

Mashallah excellent poem/song. Maybe you can publish it through a nasheed artist - make some money, help yourself, your dawah cause and even charity.

The only thing needs changing is
"Defecate on God’s inimitability,"
to something more milder but gets the message across. If Muslims read this they do not want to get a mental picture of such things. Maybe say 'Relieving yourself on God's inimitability' (this implies either no.1 or no.2)

Once again, Mashallah well done - keep up the good work and the dawah work that you are doing. May Allaah increase you in knowledge and wisdom to convey the truth and to destroy the falsehood and delusions of others, who claim to follow the truth, or their own desires.

Abu Zaynab said...

I noticed this was posted on the sickening day, the day they call "April Fool's Day" - but yours is no lie, nor a trick nor a deception, but the ugly truth of what is happening to the Ummah.

Anonymous said...

i dont know english very much but for this luvly poem i tryd my best and got many of its point simply to say
MASHALLAH may Allah give u strength to perform such services!!! Ameen