Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Daniel Streich a member of the Swiss political party who attacked mosques and minarets in Switzerland has now embraced Islam .

A member of the Swiss Party (SVP) and a well-known politician, Daniel Streich was the first man who had launched a drive for imposition of ban on mosques minarets, and to lock the mosques in Switzerland.
The proclamation of Streich’s conversion to Islam has created furore in Swiss politics, besides causing a tremor for those who supported ban on construction of mosques minarets. Streich propagated his anti-Islamic movement far and wide in the country, sowed seeds of indignation and scorn for Islam among the people, and paved way for public opinion against pulpits and minarets of mosques. But now Streich has become a soldier of Islam. His anti-Islam thoughts finally brought him so close to this religion that he embraced Islam. He is ashamed of his doings now and desires to construct the most beautiful mosque of Europe in Switzerland.



Omari said...

AlhamdulALLAH ALLAH ukbar, may ALLAH protect you for Islam for this gooooooooooooood news

Abdulaziz said...

Assalamu alaikum

There is a piece of the article which is not true and very misleading.
Our brother Daniel didn't attack mosques and minarets. It was his (ex)party SVP. That's why bro Daniel couldn't tolerate staying a memeber of SVP and couldn't tolerate keeping his reverting to Isalm a secret. Bro Daniel has embraced Islam two years ago and he announced it on early November 2009.


Jason Hamza van Boom said...

As-salaamo 'alaikum,

Bro. Abdulaziz,

The original story in Tikkun, which I wrote, stuck closely to the facts. The original story noted that Daniel Streich belonged to the party and was a local politician. A paper in Pakistan added the false details.

I have written a follow-up piece separating the facts from the distortions.



Assalamualaikum brother.

Subhanallah. Already written in lauhmahfuzh if HE WANTED somebody to become moslem no one can dare or change, but in contrary if HE CLOSED somebody heart sealed with tonnes of steel nobody can even touch his heart until he die. Subhanallah.
Even Obama that have been stayed in the heart of Jakarta land of 200 million moslem will be opened by ALLAH SWT and become brother in Moslem if HE PERMITTED. Amin

Anonymous said...

Mashallah... Allah Akber.

Anonymous said...

actualy Al Quran is miracle, sometimes i cried when i read Al Quran.. i dont know why..