Tuesday, 6 October 2009

When will I be home ? A poem by Adam Deen

When will I be home?

Oh Allah, until I’m reunited with the One,

Let the invocation of your name quench my thirst,

Let me be nourished by your Love and have your spirit as air,

Let me live by the intoxication of your name,

Every cell in my body worships you and longs for you Oh Allah,

Oh Allah, if I’m not ready, let this be the compromise whilst I endure the wait.

When will I meet you?

Will I meet?

I beg you, Ya Rabbi, what is an Abd without his Lllah?

You call, I answer, you speak I listen, a bond unparalleled.

You are the just and most merciful.

Will I meet your Rasool?

Oh Rasoollah can you hear me, I miss you, my beloved brother, my guide,

I only know Good of you; you touched my heart and soul,

My Rab loves you; I give you that love too,

I wait in anticipation, with excitement and restlessness,

Days commence nights end, can’t be, and won’t be soon enough.

by Adam Deen


Unknown said...

Allah razi olsun, cok guzel..

Kul olan kul, mutlaka kullugunu bilmek gerek,
Sidkile kul, bab-i Hakka kullugun kilmak gerek.
Kuru ikrar kafi olmaz kullarin kulluguna,
Sevdigin mali ve cani kulluga vermek gerek.
Mal u mansibi ile hud baglanan kul dunyaya,
Boyle kul olmamak asikardir Mevlaya.
Kulluk sani oyledir kim kul, ol hor u zelil.
Eyleyen izharr-i izzet kul olur emmaraye.

Leila said...

Mashallah this is clear indication of your love for Allah.