Saturday, 23 May 2009

Poem - "Death eyes"

Written shortly after the death of my beloved grandmother.

Death can not happen to me!

The news of others no real care for me,

Just a habitual concern for humanity,

But the death of a loved one

Quivering and sobering, my trance broken. How can it be, life ending so suddenly?

I stomp the floor a strike at the wall.

Why did this tremor have to be, my world was fine just momentarily?

Wait! The world stops, my hairs on my back raise my eyes watery.

I realise my anguish and pain, death! This is the same fate for me,

My dream is wrecked, my daze broken, for I too will be no more.

Is this world real around me, how did it distract so deceivingly?

This is an illusion to fool me, damn you world, I was unaware of something so sure, it is right in front of me.

Clarity besieges me, my comforting illusion deserts me.

Death eyes focus, things are no longer as they were.

The real becomes surreal; friend becomes foe, for they are the deceivers as well as the deceived, the sweet a little less sweet, bitterness still bitter.

The host fooled its guest but won’t stand in Azra'il’s way.

She has not left, she has arrived, she is where she is meant to be.

It is I, who is not at peace, still travelling, my soul waiting patiently for its destiny, the time and place only my Lord knows for him to see.

Must stay awake, continue, must not let this world deceive me.

By Adam Deen


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Fahed said...

I don't normally have time to comment... but i have to for this one... excellent poem. JAK

Unknown said...

love the poem! jazakum Allah kheyrun for sharing

Anonymous said...

death is a comma in life's sentence and not a full stop, as you captured death is real life and living the realm of the Eternal One of Beauty , the place of true union! alhamdullilah!